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What are Chakra's ?

Chakra's are 7 energy points Sanskrit's that is spinning wheels or disks located along your spine from your base to the top of the head. That governs your behavior daily. 

Root Chakra- is found at the based of the spine, it is the foundation of life and it is suppose to help with grounding, security and stability

Sacral Chakra- is found below the belly button. It is responsible of creative energy and your sexual emotions also apply.

Solar Plexus Chakra- is found in the stomach area. It is responsible for confidences and self esteem.

Heart Chakra- is found in the center of  your chest. Responsible of Love and compassion with you and others.

Throat Chakra- Is found center of throat and it is responsible of communication externally and internally.

Third Eye Chakra- Is found in between the eyebrows center. Is connected to instinct, and intuition and imagination. 

Crown Chakra- located above the head, it is your connection to yourself, spiritual, others , and the universe.

Balanced and Unbalanced Chakra

Balanced and Unbalanced Chakra.png
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