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About Me

White Candles

My name is Evelyn Cruz raised in Utah, have lived in Utah most of my life where the mountains are the beauty of paradise everlasting. Utah is known for its beauty outdoor and recreation. We get all 4 seasons and the trees and canyons are beautiful.

I am a mother of 3 children married to my best friend who has supported me through and through all my spiritual journey life goals and any challenges and beauty that comes through of every day life. I enjoy spending quality time with my family and traveling and being open to new adventures. I also enjoy meditation, painting, and hiking. 

Evelyn is certified in various healing modalities likewise, Reiki Master, Access Conscieness ThetaHealing Basic and Advance, Dig Deeper and Biomagnetism Therapy

My mission is to empower others so that they may find there divine selves and live a happier life and witnessing instantaneous healing so they can accomplish there soul missions as well.

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